Who Are the Best E-Liquid Manufacturers in the UK?

A basic tenet of modern society has always been to get the best value for the money you are shelling out. This mantra just doesn’t go for the expensive stuff such as your house or the car. It applies to every little thing that you pay for out of your own pocket.

This mantra can best be put to use when it comes to buying your vape kit and the related e-liquids Indejuice E-liquids can help. Here is a product that you used quite an amount of your own money to buy. You should be getting the maximum satisfaction possible from it.

It is for this reason that this list of the best e-liquid manufacturers in the UK is absolutely necessary if you are going to get value for your money. Here they are.


JAC Vapour.


It would not be the best idea to talk of the best manufacturers and attempt to leave out the heavyweight champion of this industry. JAC Vapour are probably the among the best companies in the UK, if not the best.

Formed in 2010, they have been known for providing vapers with quality products ever since, with a majority of them being of boutique quality. Perhaps their best products are the over 50 flavours of e-liquids that they provide consumers with.


Black Note.


Now, here is a company that knows how to play on nostalgia and the tropes that mass media has ingrained in people. The parchment quality of their print, even with some images, is a trip back to the good old days when tobacco was smoked without all manner of regulations or warnings.

That throwback doesn’t end there. While many companies have been hard at work to provide consumers with all manner of sweet and fruity flavours, Black Note have been hard at work to bring the real flavour of tobacco to vaping.

Black Note may not exactly be domiciled in the UK, but their products are some of the best in the UK market.




Back on to British soil, a certain company was being formed in 2012. The purpose this company had set for itself was to provide the market with innovative products and services for the rapidly expanding e-liquid and vape market.

They achieved this by partnering with a flavouring house in their home city which gave them a serious advantage over many of the other companies that were forming; experience.

The flavouring house joined AquaVape to provide over a century worth of flavouring experience, and it has been partly responsible for the success that AquaVape has enjoyed since inception.

While they do have plain flavours, they also provide a unique blend of flavours for the adventurous types. The favourites have always the wild berry and the AquaVape Menthol flavours.

And they don’t just produce e-liquids, they are a whole vaping solutions company. From disposable vape pens to various salt nics, and also various blends of PG/VG products, this company does have a lot to offer, whether new at vaping, or highly experienced.